Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please call the office to schedule an appointment for a consultation at your property. We will provide a written estimate within one to three business days. If you are happy with the quote, we ask that you sign and return the estimate with a 50% deposit. Once the estimate and deposit are received at the office, your account is credited, and the project goes on the schedule. We highly recommend visiting our Facebook page for pattern and color ideas.

For most jobs, we aim for one to two days of prep work, a day to pour the concrete and a third day to finish. Installation times will depend greatly on the size of the job, weather conditions, accessibility as well as our schedule. We will call with advanced notice before we plan to begin. We will also call Dig Safe, if necessary, for your project.

In many cases we need access to the work site for a small machine. If there are fences or natural barriers, a plan of action will need to be discussed prior to beginning. This will also apply to the delivery of the concrete. We can use a motorized buggy to transport concrete from the truck to the site at an additional cost. In some cases, the buggy can alleviate some lawn damage as well. The standard thickness for patios and walkways is 4″ and 6″ for driveways and parking pads.
Once the concrete has been poured and stamped it will need 24-48 hours to cure (longer in some cases depending on the weather) before we can cut the expansion joints and seal. At this point the job site will be cleaned up and the project is complete. The new concrete will be left with an exposed edge and may require some lawn repair which we will be happy to supply an estimate if requested.

We recommend waiting 24 hours before walking on it and a full week before putting any outdoor furniture or decor on it.

Stains from organic material such as grass, leaves, etc can be easily washed away with a mild cleanser like Simple Green and water. We do not recommend pressure washing as that can strip the sealer.

Brand new sealer will be shiny but normal use will bring down the shine.

We recommend once a year for very high traffic areas, two years at most. You should receive a postcard from us yearly as a reminder.

Ice melt and similar products can leech into the pores of the concrete and damage the product. We recommend only using sand. Also, certain patterns can be damaged with the use of snowblowers.

Bubbles can form in the sealer if the temperature is too hot or rises to quickly once the sealer has been put down. Normal wear and tear will usually take care of the problem. The use of a towel to buff out the bubbles is also an option. If neither option works, please call the office, a chemical agent can be applied as a remediation.

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